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No movie night for me... sad arab man. :(

Tonight I decided to not attend movie night. What sucks is that I realized next Wednesday is the opening of Revolutions, so I will be missing next week as well. If I would have been thinking ahead I would have gone tonight. But I have been in the midst of re-editing the Matrix Retarded, and it is taking a little longer than I thought. I want to have it finished so I show it at Omegacon. I am calling mine... Matrix Re-Edited. I love the sound of that. I cut all the boring and useless dialog from the flick. Which means I pretty much cut up the first 40 minutes of the flick.

Also... my buddy is coming over and we are going to do some hard core AE training. So all in all a total geek night! :)

Earlier today I found out that I am getting a bunch of Master and Commander and Gothika advance screening passes. I also found out that we might be getting Return of the King passes as well! Gawd.... That would be soooooooooo cool. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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