Romeo Azar (romeoa) wrote,
Romeo Azar


For a balls to the wall pure rush of imagery and action, Revolutions rocked. Sure... it's not as mind blowing as the first matrix. But it is a hundred times better than Reloaded.

It is a non stop action flick. The effects were so good it made it appear as if Reloaded was made 10 years ago.

So there is no deep meaningful dialog, so what? Didn't we get enough of that boring philosophical bullshit in Reloaded? But even as just a plain scifi action flick... this one is still smarter than most. It also brought back the feeling of "cool" that was so sorely missing from the second one.

The story is damn thin, but also sometimes damn cool. It was just enough to keep the plot moving ahead and the action to be exploding of the screen.

A lot of people have been bitching that the movie doesn't answer all the lingering questions. But what it did do was give you enough resolution so the viewer could make up their own mind. C'mon, if all the answers were given to us, it would kind of delude some of the mystique of the trilogy. I like that we were not given all the answers. Hell... if we were, what would us geeks have to debate about? :)

What the film makers should have done, is made a hybrid of both reloaded and revolutions with 2:45 running time. Because there are elements of both that are genius and surprisingly bad. And if they could have streamlined it and tightened up the complete story of both... I think fans would have their perfect sequel that they were hoping for.

but as it stands. Reloaded is boring and pretty stupid with some great actions scenes and Revolutions is one hell of an action scifi special effects extravaganza that is pretty light on story. But at least it was cool again. :)

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