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This weekend was a blast! One of my best friends (Sean) in the world flew in to town. On Friday, Sean, cleo, and myself went to Filigo's and then went to First Ave and did some dancing.

On Saturday night, Myself, Sean, and Sean's dad went to the WILD game. Sean is a hockey super freak and he had not yet had the chance to see a hockey game at the Excel. We had a blast! I always forget how kick ass it is to go to a game.

On Sunday, Sean and I went to our favorite breakfast nook, The Sunnyside Up Cafe. Then cleo and I went to a Misifts meeting and helped out with mailers and offered our help to the next Con on July. We had a blast. We both commented to each other how it feels like being home when we hang out with everybody at Misfits. Later i nthe day we watched the hopeless Vikings get beat by a crap team! And then we played Return of the King on the Xbox!

Today, Sean took off to go back to Miami. I always get a little sad when he leaves. cleo and I will have to make it down there this winter to visit him.

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