weekend recap

I'm sitting here watching a some fear factor tonight, Then at 8 it's time for some Monday Night Football. Though this week in fantasy football sucked ass for me (because I forgot to set my line up so my QB and one WR were on a bye week), I still have a player in tonight's game. But who cares... because the Vikings FUCKING ROCK!!!! 6-0 baby!

Other than that... I had a great weekend. mattmn, cleo, and myself started writing our super secret and super cool movie. On Saturday and Sunday I hung with my girl. We had a great weekend together.

Tomorrow I am running out to get the Indy dvd box set. I also might pick up the battlestar gallactica box set as well, but we will have to see what the price of that is.

Found out yesterday that my Duran Duran live cd is shipping. YAY!!!!!!!!

Well... that's enough rambling from me.
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Freddy Vs Jason

This flick is soooooooooooooooo fucking sweet!!! Freddy Vs Jason is a gory love letter to the fans (and possibly non fans) of these two horror movie icons. I can't believe how much fun this movie was. Go see this film!
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    Duran Duran

Good Afternoon... YO!

I just got back from a meeting and it looks like we might have picked up a new client at Whoop Design and that is always good news. Now I have to finish up some rush work and then I will have a night free! It's a perfect night for biking around the lakes. :)

Augh... OLD PEOPLE!!!

My room mate and I have figured out that old people have taken away at least 10 weeks of life from us. From driving far to slow, to waiting behind them in a line at a store... or god forbid that they are actually the ones working the check out line at the store. Don't get me wrong... There is a side of me that likes old people, Just as long as they are not in my way of getting shit done. Some people don't like kids... I guess I am at the opposite end of the spectrum! Okay... enough bitching... time to go to Blur!!!!! Yay!!!! Oh... I almost forgot, Timothy Dalton sucks as Bond!!!!